Our Roof Services

Roof Sarking Perth

Roof sarking is very important because it helps in regulating the temperature of your house. Roof sarking protects your roof from wind and insects. Without a good sarking, your roof will become moldy, and your tiles will look green and dirty. What’s more, without an excellent sarking, your ceiling and your walls will also become moldy, and it is something that doesn’t look nice at all. There are different types of roof sarking in the market, so how will you know which one is the best? Click here for more info.

Insulation Removal Perth

Roof Repairs Perth WA are also qualified and equipped to provide your home with high quality insulation removal services. As there are many times where the roofing issue may be a cause of faulty insulation. Or even cases when the roofing issue has now spread to the insulation. There comes a time when insulation removal is a necessity.

Roof Plumber Perth

A qualified roof plumber is a roof specialist whose job involves working on the roof drainage systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. A roof plumber offers quality workmanship in regards to roofing, gutter replacement, roof maintenance, gutter cleaning and drainage repairs. For more information click below.

Ceiling Repairs Perth

Through our sister company, RCI Perth, our team tackles all our ceiling repairs in the same way as our Perth-famous roof repairs service. Whether your ceiling is moulding, cracking, or sagging, our team are more than qualified to help you with your ceiling issues.

Our Roof Services

What type of Roof Repair do you need?

• Replace broken roof tiles
• Replace old and rusted gutter valley flashing
• Re-bed and re-point weathered ridge capping
• Repair or replace rusted gutters and down pipes
• Clean gutters and install gutter mesh protection
• Replace lead flashing
• Repair water damaged ceilings
Sagging Roof Re-alignment
• High Pressure Cleaning

Our Roof Services

Are you in need of a Roof addition?

Roof Repairs Perth WA will supply & install:
• Gutter Guard Protection Mesh
• Skylights
• Roof Ventilation
• Bathroom & Kitchen Ventilation
• Additional Downpipes

Our Roof Services

Is your project larger than detailed above?

• Replacement of Existing Roof Tiles
• Replacement of Existing Metallic Roof Sheets
Removal & Disposal of old insulation
Installation of New Insulation
• Replacement of Rotten/Damaged Roof Timber
• Damaged & Cracked Ceiling Repairs


Perth Service Areas

We provide roof repairs services for the entire Perth region. Not just the below areas.
However, Below are a list of our most common areas:

ApplecrossArmadaleBull CreekCanning ValeDaglishDalkeithForrestfieldGosnellsInglewoodKelmscott KensingtonLeemingLesmurdieManningMidlandsNedlandsRoleystoneSeville GroveSouth PerthThornlieWembley DownsWilsonWinthropYokine

Don't see your area listed above? Don't worry!
We service the entire Perth region, so please get in touch and let's get your roof repairs sorted out.


What service do you require? Roof Repairs? Ceiling Repairs? Insulation Removal & Replacement? Vincent will assist with any of the above!

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