If there’s anything Roof Repairs Perth WA is known for, it’s our expertise in repairing & repointing ridge caps. We deal with multiple repointing jobs on a daily basis and have the experience to get our boys in & out as soon as possible and get the job done right - the first time. Matter of fact, as you’re reading this we’re probably already out on a repointing job!

Why are we so focused on ridge caps & repointing? Well, the majority of time, most roofing issues we see with our Perth clients seem to be resolved with some sort of ridge cap repairs. It’s also a very cost & time efficient solution for our clients, and my team which are already booked out as it is.

What are ridge caps?

Ridge caps are the angled shingles installed on top of the peak of your roof. Basically, its the layer on top of the peak of your roof.

Damage to these ridge caps can cause a whole lot of different issues and they are possibly the most important part of your entire roof.

Now that we know what ridge caps are, let’s have a look at the most common issues with ridge caps:


Watch our video below to get up to speed with Ridge Caps in under a minute!



Over time, or from poor workmanship, your ridge caps will need to be repointed. Essentially, this just means your ridge caps are out of place and not ‘pointing’ in alignment with the optimal direction. Ridge Cap cement does not last forever and does require some maintenance from time to time. The best products on the market right now have a flexible finish to them which allows a very small amount of movement if the ridge tiles were to be put under the force of severe weather or strong winds like which we sometimes experience here in Perth. I find this particular issue the most common when it comes to the conclusion of a roof leak. This image shows the old cement has cracked and fallen away from the tile which is now allowing water to penetrate inside the roof space and onto the ceilings below. For more information on roof leaks click here. Repointing involves replacing your current ridge caps with new ones, and ensuring that they are all ‘pointing’ in the right direction.


Rebedding goes hand in hand with repointing. Your ridge caps lie on the ‘bed’ of mortar concrete and when it’s necessary, we will re-bed your roof. This means replacing the old bedding with new bedding, then poking weep holes, until finally we place the new ridge caps back on top.

Cracked Ridge Caps

Cracked ridge caps is quite straightforward. It’s just when your ridge caps have been cracked and simply need to be replaced by new ones.

Moss-Lichen Growth

This image shows the build up of Moss/Lichen to a tiled roof. The client could hear water dripping inside their ceiling during rain. The Moss/Lichen grows out of control and blocks the small 'gutter channels' of the tile which then stops the rain water flowing down as it should. If the rain water cannot flow quickly down the provided channel in the tile it will overflow into the roof space and damage internal ceilings

Roof Sag

If your tiled roof is showing signs of 'Sag' then chances are there is a timber or multiple timbers that have become disconnected from their main supporting location. When these sections of roof structure move out of position over time they can cause visual 'waves' in the straight line of the roof tiles. If you do notice this then I would advise you to call in a professional to investigate the issue.

Roof Leaks

All in all, the above issues with your ridge caps are the common culprit for your roof leak issues. If you’re interested in reading up more on roof leaks, please click here for more information.

As you can see, what may seem so simple at first, ridge caps are vulnerable to a huge range of issues and without proper maintenance and care, these issues will only result in more issues for your roof, ceiling & building over time.

Ridge cap issues? Or not too sure what your roofing issue is? My team and I will be at the ready to hear your roofing issues, come down and give it a proper detailed inspection, and finally give you our two cents on the issue (coming from our 20+ years of experience). We’ll make sure you get the best bang for your buck but also more importantly - the job gets done right, the first time.

Roof Repairs Perth WA. Whatever it takes.

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