Roof Leak Repairs Perth

A common misconception most homeowners have with roof leaks is that they will automatically point the finger at the gutters. And that’s fair enough, the water management system of your roof revolves around the gutters & downpipes, so you can’t be blamed for putting the two and two together.

However, there’s been a handful of times where our team have come and replaced the gutters with brand new ones, following the client’s requests, and when the next downpour of rain comes -- the roof is still leaking!

Sure, while there are times when your leaking roof is directly caused by your gutter. For more information on gutters & downpipes repairs click here.

From my personal experience directing Roof Repairs Perth WA, the majority of the time these leaks are actually coming from ridge cap issues & moss-lichen growth on the roof. Water will usually find its way through cracks in the bedding or the pointing of the ridge caps and this is more than likely what is causing your roof leaking issue. Either that our moss-lichen, or mould, growth also absorbs water into your roof and overtime can cause some serious issues. Apart from that, these fungi can actually crack your roof tiles over time. For more information on ridge caps repairs please click here.

Another misconception is that people assume having a tin or metal roof automatically makes them immune to roof leaks.. This is a big fat myth! Sure you can argue metal roofs do a better job overall, but they still leak too. For more information on metal roofing please click here.

Leaking Roof Repairs Perth

Dangers of a Leaking Roof

Roof leaks should be attended to immediately as the longer you let the issue persist, the worse the issue will eventually become. This can not only be hazardous to your family’s health but also your wallet!

There are some nightmare cases in which roof leaks have been ignored. Possibly since the homeowner only experienced leaks during, or after rainfall, and thought it wasn't necessary to fix as it isn’t ‘always raining’. But keeping this same mentality gives life to the roof leak to spread, grow, and only become more of a larger issue. I’ve seen minor leaking issues that have escalated into sagging the entire roof, or making its way into the ceiling & insulation causing mould. Or even worse - structural damage to the building’s foundations.

These are all hazardous and costly issues which could’ve been easily avoided if the leak was detected and repaired immediately.

Food for Thought

As I was writing this post up, my marketing guy (who's a young milennial type) sent me over this image. He told me that it had been making the runs around Twitter, or getting viral as the kids call it nowadays. And even he could see the obvious issues with this 'repair' job.

As much as we can applaud this man's DIY attempt at resolving his leaking roof issue, there are some major issues with his 'repair'.

Can you spot them?

Well, without boring you all too much, I can firstly presume that this young lad is based in America/Canada, just from the roof material itself. Asphalt shingle roofs are extremely common in North America. The main issue is his lack of professional touching up around the chimney. The shingles have just been folded onto the chimney (without any metal flashing) and sure, while this might resolve the issue temporarily -- this is only delaying the inevitable and that chimney is just going to continue providing serious leaking issues overtime. In fact, saving a few dollars now could potentially lead to a lot more dollars later on.

Some food for thought..

Have a leaking roof? Want to make sure it’s properly taken care of? My team and I will be at the ready to hear your roofing issues, come down and give it a proper free inspection, and finally give you our two cents on the issue (coming from our 20+ years of experience). We’ll make sure you get the best bang for your buck but also more importantly - the job gets done right, the first time.

Roof Repairs Perth WA. Whatever it takes.


Roof Leak Repairs Perth

Roof Leak Repairs Perth

Roof Leak Repairs Perth

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