Our Insulation Removal Perth Service

Roof Repairs Perth WA are a high quality insulation removal Perth based service provider here in WA. With the use of our high powered vacuum machines and large extraction hoses, we are able to remove old degraded blown in insulation that is no longer performing up to standard with ease and efficiency in your roof cavity. Our highly experienced insulation removal Perth trained technicians understand the importance of a job well done and will ensure that the insulation on your ceilings is thoroughly vacuumed out with no hassle in the fastest time possible.

We service both residential and commercial properties in all areas of Perth metropolitan including the northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs.

Please click here if you’re looking for roof sarking services. Similar to insulation but very different.

Update: Due to the high demand for Insulation Removal Perth services, Vinnie & the team at Roof Repairs, have launched our sister company – RCI Perth.

For the most in-depth & expert guide please click here for all Insulation Removal Perth enquiries. We will help guide you through the ins-and-outs of everything insulation to help you ensure that a) you truly need to remove your insulation and b) the best practices to ensure the greatest outcome for your insulation project.

RCI Perth offers insulation services throughout Perth and its surrounding areas. Saving energy is very important in today’s world and saved energy means saved money. 

Why Do We Need to Remove Insulation?

The need for insulation is a very common affair rather than removing insulation. People choose to insulate their offices and homes for the following reasons:

  • For aiding cooling and heating appliances perform better.
  • To stay cool or warm depending on the weather conditions.
  • Increase the longevity of the property by weatherproofing.
  • Cutting down electricity bills and saving money.

Importance of Insulation Removal Perth

We have seen the need for insulation above. Now imagine if these shields were infested by rodents and you have a breeding ground in your home. Would you still like to retain the insulation? Or you had unexpected rains and it seeped into your loft? What if there is a fire outbreak and smoke penetrates the insulation in your attic? What would you do?

  • Health and Safety Reasons: In such conditions, it becomes essential to think of your health safety and saving the property from further damage. Rodents can give you a difficult time when they come to stay with you. Apart from making the home dirty they grow quickly and cause more damages.
  • Moulding: A common problem that demands insulation removal is mould formation. Mould has dangerous effects on human health ranging from fainting spells to minor breathing issues. Moisture leakage leads to mould and you won’t know about it until it has spread around your property.
  • Modifying the Property: If you’re thinking of building another floor above your roof then you have consider removing the insulation. Same applies to working on the internal wiring of the property; the area has to be cleaned for the purpose.
  • Allergic Conditions: You never know what you’re allergic to until you’re exposed to that particular substance. More often than not insulation materials are a test for your resistance and tolerance. Some insulation materials such as spray foam can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

To avoid all these, one needs a professional and reliable insulation removal Perth service. It’s ideal to note that this process is hardly needed and is only subjective to these unpleasant conditions.

RCI Perth is a professional insulation specialist for both offices and homes. We only use Australian-made products built for Australian homes and offices. RCI Perth is familiar with both insulation installation and insulation removal work. This is what makes us insulation removal experts in Perth. We also work with businesses and homeowners across other locations in Australia. Do not hesitate to contact us today: you’ll be glad you did!

Our Director, Vinnie, will personally assess your situation and oversee all projects from beginning to end. For all Insulation Removal Perth enquiries, please contact us via RCIP.

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