What is sarking? And why is it important?

Roof sarking is the waterproof membrane that is put under the battens of the roof. It is like a second protected layer of your roof.

Under the Building Code of Australia (BCA), all roof tile roofs with more than six meters rafter length must be sarked. Despite this, tiled roof or metal roof – sarking is applicable regardless. Especially given the storms in Perth.

Roof sarking is very important because it helps in regulating the temperature of your house. Roof sarking protects your roof from wind and insects. Without a good sarking, your roof will become moldy, and your tiles will look green and dirty.

What’s more, without an excellent sarking, your ceiling and your walls will also become moldy, and it is something that doesn’t look nice at all.

There are different types of roof sarking in the market, so how will you know which one is the best? When choosing a sarking for your roofing, pay attention to these features:

Here are some of the essential features that a proper roof sarking should have:

●      Strength

The roof sarking membrane should be strong enough. There are sarkings in the market that break easily by applying some pressure with a finger on them.

●      Water, UV, and fire-resistant

Sarking should be water-resistant because it is considered part of your home’s insulation system, so it should not let the water come in. A sarking with UV-resistant properties is regarded as a good quality sarking, especially in Australia, because the rays here are so powerful.

It should also be fire-resistant. Some roof sarking is more fire-resistant than others, so you must check this feature before buying it, especially if you live in an area with a high risk of fire. The minimum requirement of Australian sarking is 5.

●      Heat protection

A good sarking is breathable. It means that it allows the heat vapors to get outside, but at the same time, it does not let the heat/cold waves get inside your house.

What are the benefits of sarking?

Here are the top 6 benefits of roof sarking:

Storm protection

In a country like Australia that has its fair share in extreme weather conditions and storms, it is essential to install something that acts as a barrier against all these storms and can protect the interior of your house from getting moist, and that’s where the sarking comes in. It covers your roofing from extreme weather conditions and storms.

Dust resistant

Another benefit of roof sarking is that it protects your house from airborne dust. Airborne dust gets into your home from roof gaps into vents, downlights, and ceilings. It causes built-in and severe bacteria that can badly affect the eyes and throat of your family or even it can cause asthma, respiratory, or cardiovascular health problems.

Protects the roof cavity

If you live in a thunderstorm area, sarking will protect your roof cavity from strong wind and rain. Or even if your house is under construction, sarking will protect your house structure from moisture.

Energy efficient

All new homes built in Australia are now required to be energy efficient, and installing sarking would help regulate your house’s energy level. It helps by warding off harsh temperatures and keeps your home cool and comfortable during summertime. Sarking will also reduce your electricity bills.

Helps with insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier against energy flow. It keeps houses cool during the summer season and warm during winters, and the sarked roofs are well insulated. We ensure we only use the highest quality insulation products such as Bradford Thermoseal roof sarking wall wrap. For more information on insulation please click here.

Fire resistant

Roof sarking protects houses from flying embers entering the house through the ceiling area during a bushfire. According to Australian Standard 3959, all homes must be well protected from bushfire ember attacks.

What are the different types of roof sarking?

The primary purpose of roof sarking is to protect the house from rain and storms. Still, different types of sarkings are available in the market with specific features such as extra thermal insulation and hail protection. According to roof type, sarkings are further split into two types: sarking for tiled roof and sarking for metal roof.

What is a difference between roof sarking and sisilation?

They are not the same and are the two different types of insulations. Both are positioned under the skin of your roof.

Roof sarking is a non-permeable and reflective foil. It is used as a second layer to reduce moisture, dust, leakage, and other elements that can damage your house over some time. Many roof tiling contractors prefer sarking because it strengthens the roofs and makes them long-lasting and durable.

Sisilation is also a reflective foil. It is made up of aluminum foil and a woven cloth or kraft paper and then is reinforced with fiberglass. It is also a type of insulation system that is heat resistant.

In short, roof sarking and sisilation are the two products that serve the same purpose.

When should sarking be installed?

Sarking is best installed when a house is being built or during a roof replacement process. Install the sarking early during construction. It will be easy to install and protect your roof from the weather until your house is built entirely. However, considering our work with a majority of our clients, sarking can still be easily installed during a simple roof repair at a later date.

What is roof sarking made of?

Roof sarking is generally made up of a reflective foil layer on one or both sides. These wall wrap & ceiling wrap layers protect your house from radiant heat and cool storms, and thus improve your home’s overall insulation. Although much of our sarking work is based around providing ceiling insulation layers, we have just as much expertise in wall insulation layers.

What is the difference between insulation and sarking and what does sarking do exactly?

The main difference between insulation and sarking is that insulation regulates the temperature of your house. It makes your home cool and comfortable during summertime and warm and cozy vapors during winter times. However, sarking also does the same, but its main difference from standard insulation is that it is installed for moisture control. For more information on insulation please click here.

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