If you’ve read through our website, you’ve probably seen that we usually go over common misconceptions when it comes to different roofing services. This kind of honest advice is why Perth residents continue to choose Roof Repairs Perth WA for all their roofing needs. But with gutters & downpipes - it really is very straightforward. There’s nothing groundbreaking that we can report.

What are gutters & downpipes?

The valleys on your roof guide rainwater to your gutters, which are located on the edge of your roof. These gutters channel the water to your downpipes which as its name suggests, is a pipe that brings that water down to your drain.

All in all, this is a system in place to protect your roof from being overflooded by rainwater, and ultimately prevent your building & roof’s fabric & foundation from any potential damage.

Repairs for your roof water management system is usually the responsibility of a roof plumber.

Common Issues

A lot of the time, the issues our team sees with gutters & downpipes is when a blockage arises. This is usually caused by leaves, pest, and other debris clogging up the gutter & downpipe system. Apart from cleaning this up, the best way to prevent these issues is to install a gutter guard for your roof.

Gutter guards are designed to filter out any leaves, pests, and debris from entering your gutters all whilst not interfering with the flow of the rainwater. Guards come in all different shapes & sizes, and our team are happy to help you choose the best one for your needs & budget.


Benefits of a Healthy Gutter

Essentially, with your gutter & downpipe system being top notch and protected by a gutter guard, you’ll not only avoid blockages, but you’ll also prevent pests, birds & even snakes from making your gutters a home! Apart from that, the main benefits revolve around preventing water & moisture damages. You avoid your fascias from rotting, your gutters from peeling, and also any further mould or lichen growth on your roof and home.

Are you in need of gutters & downpipes repairs? My team and I will be at the ready to hear your roofing issues, come down and give it a proper inspection, and finally give you our two cents on the issue (coming from our 20+ years of experience). We’ll make sure you get the best bang for your buck but also more importantly - the job gets done right, the first time.

Roof Repairs Perth WA. Whatever it takes.

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