Roof Repairs Nedlands

Nedlands residents - Have you been pushing off roof repairs, because you simply have no idea who to call to do the job for you? Or have you interviewed roofing company after roofing company, only to be disappointed in the people you have met? If that has happened to you, you obviously haven’t called us over at Roof Repairs Perth WA! Our team is ready to come do your roof repairs, but only after our Director, Vinnie, has spoken to you over the phone/email and his brother & supervisor, Adam, has come to inspect your roof.

We can assure you that we are no fly by the night roofing company. We have been in business for more than 18 years now and we do things by the book. Actually, a little better than the book, because we strive to be the best and offer our clients the most.

After Vinnie & Adam complete your inspection, we will give you a complete written quote that includes all the work that is needed to be done. Don’t worry, he will go over it all with you and answer any questions you may have. We do all the work on your home, so no other contractors will need to be hired to get your roof and other damaged parts of your home back to new.

There are so many different repairs that can be done when you have roof damage. A few of the roof repairs Nedlands that we seem to do the most is replacing missing shingles and tiles. However, we also tackle damaged gutters and down pipes, ridge capping, lead flashing, and ceilings that have been damaged by water leaks. We even offer high pressure cleaning to ensure everything looks amazing at the end of the job.

Are you ready to stop pushing off your roof repairs? Call us today to see what roof repairs your home requires and to get a free quote for our services. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you meet us! We service the entire Perth region.

Roof Repairs Nedlands

Roof Repairs Nedlands

Roof Repairs Nedlands


    What service do you require? Roof Repairs? Ceiling Repairs? Insulation Removal & Replacement? Vincent will assist with any of the above!

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