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Ceilings provide much needed overhead protection from extreme temperatures, and debris floating in the air. They also hold insulation in and keep unsightly pipes and beams undercover. While you may not give your home’s ceilings much thought, when they start to show signs of damage, the sooner you consider repairs – the better. Before your ceiling issue becomes too much to handle, it’s best to contact our team for all ceiling repairs Perth related services.

Update: Due to the high demand for Ceiling Repairs Perth services, Vinnie & the team at Roof Repairs, have launched our sister company – RCI Perth.

For the most in-depth & expert guide please click here for all Ceiling Repairs Perth enquiries. We will help guide you through the ins-and-outs of everything insulation to help you ensure that a) you truly need to remove your insulation and b) the best practices to ensure the greatest outcome for your insulation project.

We offer so many comprehensive ceiling repair services here at RCIP. While we would love to list them all, we will simply focus on the main ones below.

  • Mould – Mould is a common issue with ceilings, and it is one of the issues we deal with the most. The mould normally grows in moist environments. The moisture is commonly from humidity, poor insulation, and even an unknown water leak that leaves standing water. We take our time to make sure we are repairing every section of ceiling that has mould in it, so you do not have any regrowth over time.
  • Cracked Ceilings – Cracked ceilings are also common. Sometimes you will see a crack and it will actually be peeling or chipping paint. Those cracks are not as bad as the bigger cracks. However, all cracks are caused by a problem of some sort. You must determine what is causing your cracks before you fix them, or those cracks will just keep on coming back. Really large cracks can be caused by structural damage. Those are the ones you will really want to have fixed sooner than later.
  • Sagging Ceiling Repair Perth – Ceilings are installed straight, so you should know almost immediately when it starts to sag. After all, the difference between a straight line and a slightly curved line is huge. Whenever you notice that your ceiling is sagging, you must call us right away. This is one of the ceiling repairs Perth that you cannot wait for tomorrow or the next day for. We will want to come out to assess the damage and secure your ceiling, so it does not collapse.
  • Gyprock Ceiling Repairs – We do a lot of Gyprock repairs, because that is what most of the ceilings in Perth are constructed with. Gyprock is a type of plasterboard and you need skills to fix it properly. Yes, you could probably attempt the repairs on your own, but the results are not going to be as good as they would be if we did the work. We are not bragging here. It is just, we have been working with Gyprock for a very long time and we know this material very well. We even make sure we learn all the new tricks that continue to come out when it comes to repairing Gyprock.
  • Plaster Glass Ceiling Repairs Perth – We do a lot of work with plaster glass ceilings. We have honed our skills, so we can fix any crack, hole, or unsightly piece. When we are finished making these repairs, you will never know there was any damage to your plaster glass ceiling.
  • Re-Strapping – Most of the re-strapping work we do is with plaster glass ceilings. These ceilings are in many older homes, so do not worry that we won’t know what to do if you have this ceiling and it is damaged. We have seen almost everything with plaster glass ceilings and enjoy working on them. While replacing the straps is not always easy, it does result in a straight ceiling line once again.

Not sure what material your ceiling is made of? Read our guide explaining the difference between gyprock and plasterglass ceilings.

We only use Australian-made products built for Australian homes. Do not hesitate to contact us today: you’ll be glad you did!

Are you planning a renovation or ceiling repair soon? Our Director, Vinnie, will personally assess your situation and oversee all projects from beginning to end.

For all Ceiling Repairs Perth enquiries, please contact us on RCI Perth.

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