Roof Restoration Checklist for Century-Old Homes

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May 19, 2020
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Should century-old homes have roof restoration?

So, you’re looking to take the plunge of preserving you older home’s roof that steeps in history and want to retain its integrity and preserve its overall historic look? Well, even if the roof is made with one of the sturdiest and durable materials like clay or slate, there comes a time when it loses its antique look. That’s where we come in as roof restoration experts to let that roof sheds the rain, shades from the sun, and buffers the weather without a glitch. 

Living and maintaining a historic or older home is no small undertaking. It’s full of surprises; the things can go south and costs can add up quickly. So, like all other structural elements, the roof requires a proactive maintenance schedule. Even if there’s a minor repair, you should get it fixed quickly without wasting the next second. 

So let’s learn what to expect, and what to look for when undertaking roof restoration for older homes even for those that are century-old.

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Essentials of roof restoration for Century-old Homes

For century-old buildings, the shape of roof imparts much of the architectural character. They act as a key element in home’s character is significance. It not only defines the style of the home but also contributes heavily to the buildings’ aesthetics. So, the roof of an older home needs special care while restoring.  You not only have to work yourself through to revitalize it but you need to go that extra mile to make it look as antique as the original.

 Few decades back, the roofs were made mostly of the material readily available in the local community. In major of buildings, the favored materials include slate, wood shingles, clay or terracotta. But no matter how durable and long-lasting the material is how decorative the pattering is, the roof is a highly vulnerable element that will inevitable fail.

Thus, for historical buildings and older homes, the roof has to be maintained and properly restored to avoid accelerated deterioration of the basic structure. If there’s a slight leak, it must be taken care of immediately to avoid more extensive damage.

Dealing with historic roofing material is a specialized job but luckily there are experts in this field of roof restoration that can help you preserve your old dream home. We’ll first undertake a complete internal and external inspection of the roof to identify the potential reasons of problems and only then we’ll prioritize the method for roof restoration.

Clay being fire-resistant has been a preferred type of roofing materials for decades and is used a lot by European settlers. Due to its longevity and durability, slate is being used as roofing material from 17th Century and is now being the most expensive roofing material. But despite of all this sturdiness, all the roofing materials require restoration at one point or the other.

The Bottom Line

Being roof restoration specialists, we’ve being helping our clients throughout Perth for century-old houses roof restoration. Our roofers are experts in handling all the roofing materials and with state-of-the art equipment we know various ways to revitalize your roof and bring back the flawless look long gone.