Tile Roof Repairs – Common Problems

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April 13, 2020
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Tile Roof Repairs – Identify Common Problems & Repair Tips

So, your house has a tile roof here in Perth and you’re looking for ways to identify and repair common tile roof problems? Well, I’m glad that you’ve decided to look for a fix rather than ignoring it like many other homeowners out there. So, first off, pat yourself on the back as you’re already one step ahead of the curve.

Although tile roofs are arguably one of the sturdiest types of roofing on the planet, problems and issues are common. You’re not alone in this – tile roofs are quite common amongst the majority of roofs across Perth. They’re beautiful, long-lasting, and above all – durable. However, the extreme weather conditions here in Australia could lead to many hiccups and the elements do take part in worsening the situation.

But don’t be afraid. This read will guide you on not only how to identify tile roof common problems but also with some ingenious tips on repairing them without a hassle.

Please keep in mind, as a note of caution – please be extremely cautious & follow appropriate safety measures when following these tips. And it is always recommended to seek a professional for your tile roof repairs.

Potential tile roof problems to watch out for

To avoid many expensive and annoying problems later down the road, it is vitally important to be aware of the potential problems that your roof may face. “The sooner the better” – It holds the same for roofing problems.

Water & Structural Damage

Your tile roof is quite porous and is susceptible to moisture ingress along with debris buildup. The moisture can infiltrate, spread, and move more than expected. When the underneath structure of your roof tiles becomes exposed to water, it can easily cause structural damages including rot, or mould. So, you should be diligent about taking care of such moisture damages regularly. Besides that, falling tree limbs and leaves should be removed on a regular basis.

Moss build-up

The moss build-up is another worrying issue. As the tiles absorb water over time and the moss set in, the weight of the roof begins to put a strain on the supporting framework. Concrete roof tiles are bulky in weight and as such, additional weight can cause structural integrity problems.

 Cracked Tiles

Although concrete roof tiles can take a beating from impacts, they still require a certain level of maintenance. The roof tiles can get cracked due to hail damage or fallen branches. Consequently, you may need to replace individual cracked concrete tiles in the long run. Hence, once a season it is recommended that you scan your tiled roof from every angle and take off any broken or cracked roof tiles or chipped corners and replace them with fresh ones.

Stay Safe

Well, there’s an entire industry of roofing companies and inspectors and as such, we have our own professional methods to investigate a roof without causing damage and most importantly, within a safe manner. It is advised that homeowners must be extremely careful when climbing onto roofs and walking about. So, if you’re unfamiliar with the structure of roofing and don’t have any idea about where to step; it is always better to leave it to a professional roof repair company.

Time to Call Experts

With our five star rated roof repair experts in Perth, from over years of excellent service, we can provide you with an in-depth report after assessing your tile roof condition. Whether it’s a broken tile, cracked ridge capping or you’ve got a sagging roof; our roofers are experts in taking care of it for you.

So, call Vinnie now and get your free no-obligation quote today.

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