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Roof Leak Repairs Perth

Water flowing in through your roof and dripping down through the ceilings onto your floors is never a good thing.  All that water can cause extensive damage throughout your house, even if it just seems to be in one small location.  Some of those items that require roof leak repairs Perth WA are easy to find and fix, but others can pose a challenge that will require a little extra investigation. 

While you can look for where your roof requires leaking roof repairs Perth on your own, it is better to hire a professional roofing contractor like myself.  I have been up on too many roofs to count since I opened my own company and it usually doesn’t take me too long to discover what the issue is. 

Common Places to Find Leaks on a Roof in Perth

The Roof Field

In my experience, roof field leaks occur when your roof is older and cracks and other damage is quite noticeable.  A few things that will clue you into the fact that your roof is older is missing granules on shingles and cracks on tiles.  It can take a little while for you to find the source of the leak sometimes and where leaking roof repairs Perth are needed. 


Chimneys can be a major source of roof leaks in Perth WA, so if you have one and the water damage is near there, that is most likely the cause.  There are four different types of flashing by your chimney and anytime they are damaged or eroded, they will start to leak.  Hairline cracks in the mortar can cause water to run behind the flashing too, so the leaks may not be as easy to find as you think. 

Plumbing Vent Flashings

All those plumbing vents can leak easily due to the rubber seal cracking and falling apart.  If you notice those rubber seals start to get worn down, you may want to replace them before roof leak repairs Perth WA are needed.  

Wind Rain Leaks

When you live in a really windy area, you must be prepared to discover roof leaks from that wind.  I have seen brand new roofs fall victim to roof leaks from the rain being blown up underneath all the roofing materials.  I always take precautions for these types of leaks when I put roofs on, because I don’t want my customers to suffer any issues like this after they have gone through the entire roof replacement process.  However, things happen and that’s why I offer a warranty on my work.  

Non-Roof Related Leaks

There are times when you are almost positive that you have a leaking roof Perth, but the actual cause is from condensation in your attic space.  To be sure about the cause, I always do a full search of attics to look for cracks in the chimney, plaster bubbles, and anything else that could cause the attic to be wet without a leak from the outside being present. 

How to Find Roof Leaks in Perth WA

When you are trying to determine roof leak repairs Perth WA, there are many things you can do to find the cause of the problem.  It is best to see if anything has fallen onto your roof and caused damage in the form of a hole.  This is the easiest type of leak to find. 

However, if you cannot see any noticeable damage like that, you will need to look at things a little more closely.  Sometimes, the leaks can be caused by cracked chimneys, blocked roof vents, and ruined plumbing vents. 

You may not find the source of the leak from the outside of your roof, so you may need to get up into the attic with a flashlight to look around.  If you notice any type of mildew, mold, or stains from water, you will want to investigate those areas first.  But, do not discount all the other areas of your attic, because you could have slight damage that is best to catch sooner than later. 

If you are unable to find where roof leak repairs Perth WA are needed on your own, or you simply want to make sure you haven’t missed anything, I am more than happy to climb up and take a look around.  With my experience, I will probably spot them sooner than you can and even find issues that are just starting out. 

How Soon Should You Tackle Leaking Roof Repairs Perth?

Many times, I get a call from a homeowner and they are panicking because they had a small leak that has now gotten much worse.  They quickly realize that while they could have waited a few days, they have now waited too long, and the leak is causing more damage than they thought possible. 

While I don’t want to panic you when it comes to potential roof leak repairs Perth WA, I do want to urge you to call a roofing contractor like myself sooner than later when you discover a leak.  Anytime you see a stained ceiling or bubbling on the drywall, you should call and set up an appointment within a couple of days.  This will allow me to find out the cause and give you your options to prevent things from getting worse. 

Waiting too long to make that phone call could have that water stain turning into a collapsing ceiling or into water flowing down into the walls and causing damage to the electrical wires and other items throughout your house. 

This is a lot of the information you need to know about roof leak repairs Perth WA, so you should feel a little more comfortable when you see something that doesn’t look right with your roof.  While I always want homeowners to call a professional when they are facing leaking roof repairs Perth, there is nothing wrong with you knowing as much as you can about what is normal, and what is not, with your roof. 

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